Scambiatore di calore - Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers and finned tubes for industry

Water, steam, diathermic oils and refrigerant gases are the elements used for heat exchange

Heat Exchangers since 1962, ITA srl designs and custom-builds a wide range of Heat Exchangers and Finned Tubes able to meet the technical needs of each sector.

Each stage of production is monitored by specialized personnel for the creation of a long-lasting product.

Since 2001 ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System. Our Technical Department is able to study specific solutions to meet your needs thanks to the Personalized Service.

The staff of ITA srl thanks to the experience of years of work and thanks to continuous training represents a guarantee of excellence that manages to combine know-how, innovation and professionalism in the sector for the production of heat exchange.


Heat Exchangers since 1962

We have been producing radiant batteries since 1962

  • Heat exchangers for heating: unit heaters, convectors
  • Cooling coils: air coolers
  • Batteries for air conditioning
  • Batteries for drying
  • Coils for condensation
  • Batteries for heat recovery
  • Spiral finned tubes and trufin type
  • Bending and shaping of both finned and smooth tubes, all produced in the most varied materials or combinations of the same built according to the customer’s design or sized by our technical department

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